We understand every individual has ethical, health and lifestyle factors the affect their dietary choices. Therefore we have developed a range of products that adhere to various dietary structures to support every individual in their best performance and health.




We understand every individual has ethical, health and lifestyle factors the affect their dietary choices. Therefore we have developed a range of products that adhere to various dietary structures to support every individual in their best performance and health.

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High-quality healthy fats fuelling optimal health and performance; developed with minimalcarbohydrates.  



Plant-based and whole-food nutrition supported with our special complete plant-based protein blend.




Optimal nutrition through high-quality plant-based whole-foods and whey protein isolate to support maximal health with minimal animal products.



All of our products are certified gluten-free; perfect for coeliacs, gluten intolerances and absolutely everyone to unlock your best health!

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Our entire range of scientifically designed nutritional products for every individual, every day and for optimal health and best performance!

Try our New Keto Range


With potential positive effects of ketosis on health, longevity, weight-loss, and weight sensitive sports performance, we have developed a product range that supports your keto lifestyle and optimal health.


Our low-carbohydrate, high fat meals support a daily intake of less than 50g CHO, high intake of healthy fats and moderate protein intake; enabling ketone production essential for associated health benefits.


With no meal prep or storage conditions required, we make optimal health with a keto diet easy and enable your best potential!


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How to Prepare

Radix was designed to be simple to use. We believe that to be a truly effective product you should be able to take it with you wherever you go and prepare a meal with minimal effort practically anywhere. We hope we have achieved this – nevertheless we continue to work on improving it every day.

Diet Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Vegetarian and Plant-Based?

The protein source!


In our vegetarian products we utilise a high-quality Whey Protein Isolate. Whereas, in our plant-based products we utilise our special plant-based protein blend that has been cleverly formulated to be a complete protein source.

Which diet has the least amount of calories?

Our diet specific products extend through all of our ranges. That means that all of our diets come with different calorie options including 400kcal, 600kcal and 800kcal.


Our 400kcal keto range is coming very soon!

Which diet is the best for athletes?

We understand that every athlete has different dietary preferences and health considerations that should not impact on their performance. Therefore, all of our diets have been designed to support athletic performance.


However, unless specifically keto-adapted or under nutritional guidance for a keto diet, we do not recommend the keto range for athletes in race week or on race day.

Will there be more Low FODMAP products?



We are developing new flavours as we speak and within these we are trying to develop at least two new low FODMAP meals!


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Will the Keto Range have 400kcal products?



These will have even lower carbohydrates than our current meals; a perfect option for those adhering to a keto diet with less than 20g CHO/day!


We are currently working on these products to be released in the next few months!


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Where are Radix products made?

Hamilton, New Zealand.


We have gone to great lengths to bring our vision for quality to life and this has resulted in the creation of our own unique, world-class manufacturing facility.

Many people do not know this but our products require a level of expertise, specialised equipment and manufacturing environments that means we are likely the only company in the world capable of manufacturing our products.

What's Inside our Meals

Nutrition to Help you All Day

400-800 kcal

Designed for all athletes, various energy demands and everyday nutrition.

Complete Protein Source

From wild, organic, grass-fed & free-range meats and quality plant-based proteins.

At Least 2 Servings of Fruits & Vegetables

The simplest way to boost your daily essential nutrient intake.

Freeze-Dried Whole-Foods

Enabling the best nutrient encapsulation; quality that can be better than fresh food!

All-Natural Ingredients

Healthy nutrition from the best-quality natural ingredients. The way it should be.

Cutting Edge Nutrition

Developed from the latest research and forever evolving to push the boundaries of science, nutrition and health.

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