Radix Keto Meals

Low Carb. High Quality.

Radix Keto Meals have been developed to maximise nutrient intake for optimal health while minimising the inclusion of carbohydrates to promote ketosis.

Radix Keto Meals have been developed to maximise nutrient intake for optimal health whileminimising the inclusion of carbohydrates to promote ketosis.

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Over 10 years in the making, Radix is the most advanced way to ensure optimal nutrition with ultimate ease - so you can reach your full potential.

Over 10 years in the making, Radix is the most advanced way to ensure optimal nutrition with ultimate ease - so you can reach your full potential.

Only the best natural ingredients.



Essential Vitamins & Minerals

Good Source
of Fibre

Good Source
of Protein






The world's quickest,
tastiest and most
nutrient-dense keto meals.

Keto Serving Sizes

Range Averages

400 Kcal















600 Kcal


















High-quality complete protein, including all nine essential amino acids, provides the fuel for lean muscle mass, stregnth and energy.




As a source of slow-release energy and roles in nutrient absorption, cell structure, and function, healthy fats keep you fuelled for longer and performing at your best.




Minimum carbohydrates help promote the utilisation of fats for fuel and increase the production of ketone bodies to power our brain and body. The few carbohydrates provide dietary fibre and essential micronutrients that help our body operate.




Different plant-based ingredients per week with Radix incorporated into diet.

Fibre promotes a healthy digestive system and regular bowel motion. High fibre diets also aid in keeping you fuller for longer and help support a healthy gut.

Essential Vitamins & Minerals



These micronutrients play critical and important roles in almost every process in the body. Any deficiencies can lead to reduced quality of life, performance and even the onset of chronic disease.

Omega 3 &
Omega 6

Balanced levels of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids support reduced inflammation, cardiovascular health and overall wellbeing.

Plant-Based Phytonutrients

These beneficial nutrients exert antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects on your body to help promote health.










Naturally Occurring

Plant-Based Prebiotics

These particular dietary fibres benefit our gut health by promoting the growth of good bacteria. Our gut houses at least 70% of our immunity, affects energy and mood.

Expert Nutritional Design

Expert Nutritional Design

Expert Nutritional Design

Scientific-based benefits.

A global team of health experts has formulated Radix meals. Quality ingredients have specifically been selected from nature for maximumbioavailability and benefit. Combined in a state-of-the-art purpose-built facility, every meal is tested before release.

A global team of health experts has formulated Radix meals. Qualityingredients have specifically been selected in their natural form for maximumbioavailability and benefit. Combined in a state-of-the-art purpose-built facility, every meal is tested before release.

Build strength.

Supports muscle, bone and joint health with protein and the essential micronutrients your body needs to make, build and repair muscle and connective tissue. Radix ensures you have the strength and stability to prevent injury, disease and perform at your physical peak.

Nutrient contributors:

  • Protein - Essentail Amino Acids -Vitamin A -Vitamin C -Vitamin K - Magnesium - Calcium - Phosphorus

Feel energised.

Designed to fuel your physical and mental performance. Radix also provides the nutrients your body requires to release energy from food and utilise stored energy. Our meals enable the optimal release of usable energy to power our brain, body and overall health.

Nutrient contributors:

  • Protein -Carbs - Fats - B Group Vitamins - Vitamin C - Iron - Iodine -Magnesium

Boost immunity.

Feel good with the nutrients your body requires to strengthen and defend your immune system, reduce inflammation and combat oxidative stress.

Nutrient contributors:

  • Selenium - Zinc - Iron - Folate - Vitamin A - Vitamin C - B Group Vitamins

Optimise digestion.

Promote good digestion and nurture a community of healthy gut bacteria with dietary fibre and prebiotic dietary fibre. Your overall health starts here, with links to metabolic health, mood and with over 70% of your immune system within your gut.

Nutrient contributors:

  • Dietary Fibre - Prebiotic Dietary Fibre - Plant-based Diversity - Polyphenols

Reduce stress.

Whole-food diets provide the key nutrients exhausted with stress and provide antioxidants to fight oxidative stress within the body. Reducing your stress load will support your stress resilience and reduce the risk of illness.

Nutrient contributors:

  • Antioxidants - Selenium - Vitamin C - Vitamin E, Copper, Manganese - Zinc

Think clearly.

Power your cognitive and psychological health. It's necessary to provide the correct energy and nutrients to promote focus, problem-solving, decision-making, learning and mental well-being.

Nutrient contributors:

  • Iodine - Iron - Zinc - Magnesium - B Group Vitamins

Control body weight.

Easily control your calories and nutrient intake. High protein and high fibre meals promote satiety, slow nutrient release and stabilise energy to keep you fuller for longer. With steady blood sugar levels, we minimise the rise and fall of energy which often leads to excess calorie consumption.

Nutrient contributors:

  • High Protein - High Fibre - Nutrient Dense Ingredients

How to make a Radix Meal?


Add Water


Mix Together


Eat & Enjoy

Nutrition you need.
Absolutely anywhere.
Without the effort.

Nutrition can be complicated and stressful. When life gets busy, it's often the first thing that goes. Having Radix on hand ensures you have access to the nutrition needed to perform at your best, whether that's on the sports field, in the gym, at work or on the side of a mountain.

At Home

At Work

On the go

In the outdoors

Radix keto meals are
loved by customers.


"I love these easy to prepare meals and so tasty. I'm Coeliac so great to have a healthy convenient option to be able to take away on ventures. This one was my 3rd favourite flavour."


"I scraped out every morsel, with a vegetarian meal that is full of flavour and satisfying after a day in the saddle. I love the varied range radix has as a Coeliac and is the only range we buy now with great texture and taste."


"Oh my gosh this is amazing - so easy, so yum and so satisfying! I love these meals so much!"


"I bought this recently for an overnight tramp. It was very filling and although I added too much water it was so flavoursome. I will definitely buy this meal again."


"I had the keto and non-keto versions over two successive night. Definitely recommend the keto version. Ideal after a big day getting it."


"This was delicious and I can’t wait to try other flavours. Might need to try at home if we don’t go tramping again soon."

Frequently asked questions.

What calorie size is right for me?

Everyone's energy requirements are different, so it is best to understand your individual needs. However, the 400 Kcal range is best suited to smaller individuals and those who exercise once a day but otherwise mostly sedentary.


The 600 Kcal range is an excellent option for active individuals, in or around sports events and those with slightly higher energy requirements.

Can Radix replace my entire diet?

While you can certainly consume Radix for all meals (and you will feel great for it), Radix was ultimately designed to save you time when life gets busy and ensures unprecedented access to nutrition when preparing meals is difficult. This may be for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or in and around training, sports competitions, or adventures. It's the perfect option to have in replace boring meals and have on hand in your pantry.

How is Radix different from other ready to eat meals?

At Radix, we specialise in formulating nutritionally complete meals designed to elevate your health and performance. We source the best ingredients and delicately preserve them naturally so you can take our meals anywhere and consume them with ultimate convenience. We do not use synthetic nutrients, artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.

Do Radix meals contain any artificial flavours, colours or sweeteners? 

No. Our meals are made with real ingredients sourced from all over the world. We rely on the natural goodness of these ingredients when creating delicious flavour profiles.

Do Radix meals contain any preservatives? How do they last 2 years?

No. Our ingredients are delicately preserved by freeze-drying. This is a gold-standard processing technology that removes water from frozen ingredients at low temperatures. It therefore preserves the ingredients and nutrients naturally - ensuring they are fresh for years.

Are these meals really made with fresh ingredients?

Absolutely! Potentially even fresher than your local supermarket produce, especially when you consider how long these are in the fridge at home before consuming. We source ingredients that are frozen as soon after harvest as possible - ensuring nutrient quality is preserved as early as possible to ensure ultimate freshness.

Are displayed carbs net carbs?

Yes. The NIP carbohydrates display net carbs.

Why is fibre important?

Fibre is an essential nutrient to support digestion and gut health. With low carbohydrate diets, your gut health can often decrease. Therefore, it is necessary to consume adequate dietary fibre with prebiotic dietary fibre to support your gut health and overall health!

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